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BookFilmCrew is a FREE live global database connecting all professional Film and TV Crew. We’re currently focused on the United Kingdom, but we’re planning to expand to other countries soon.

When we say all, we mean ALL. No department is excluded. Check our database and see for yourself!


Create a profile in just a few minutes.


Explore and learn about both new and experienced film and TV crew.


Hiring has never been so easy.
Connect with the crew you need for those precise dates.

Easy to join

Create your profile in a few minutes. Insert your contact details, last three credits and UK location. It will work even better if you add links to your CV, website, IMDb profile and most importantly, your personal calendar. 

You decide when to work and be contacted. Update your diary anytime, anywhere and let the employers know when you’ll be free again.

The more information you provide, the better. If your particular grade isn’t listed, please get in touch with us and we’ll add it straight away. We’re listening.

Any doubts?

Check our PDF tutorial “How to sign up in BookFilmCrew” or watch this video, “How to update your availability calendar“.

And, of course, you can always ask for help here.

Easy to search

Whether you’re a freelancer or an HOD, you want to know who is out there working in your specialized area. Just select department and grade and learn about great people working in the film and TV industry.

Find what you need

Are you looking for a last-minute replacement? Or do you want to book a whole crew two months in advance? Whatever your circumstances, our smart database will provide you with the names you’re looking for in seconds.