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How It Works?

BookFilmCrew is more than a database; it’s the best existing site for bringing production managers and film and TV crew together.

As a professional, you want new or ongoing productions to know the exact dates when you are available for work. As a HOD who needs to find the best crew on short notice, you want a place where you can just enter the production dates and find precisely the best profiles for the location, skills, experience, and availability you’re looking for.


Create your profile and update your calendar.
HOD’s will no longer assume you’re working! Now they can check your availability in real-time and realize what a great asset you are!


Want to know who is who and what have they done in the past?
Are you a producer or a Head of Department on the first steps of a new production, and want to know what your trusted people are working on these days? Maybe look for some new junior profiles?


Need to assemble a crew for a new film or TV show, or maybe get a quick replacement, but don’t want to spend days on the phone or email?
BookFilmCrew is what you’re looking for.
Find the best professionals and check in seconds to see if they’re available.

About the project

BookFilmCrew is here to help connect the film industry production teams with a crew.
It enables productions and HODs to quickly find ready-to-work staff members for the job, right now or in the future. It allows the crew to show that they are available for work, enhancing their visibility in the industry.
We want to offer that chance to everybody, regardless of their budget. That’s why we created a FREE for everybody database, and thanks to our awesome sponsors’ support, we plan to keep it that way.

We are people in the industry helping people in the industry. We know that we all need connection. And that’s what we provide.

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